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The Georgian restaurant Chacha is conveniently located in the historical part of St. Petersburg on the embankment of the Griboedov Canal, in the immediate vicinity of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood.

The antique furniture of ChaCha restaurant, made with brick walls and wood trim, from the very first minutes allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of beautiful hospitable Georgia and relax under such home lampshades, merged in unison with the author and professional cuisine of the restaurant chef.

Georgian cuisine has always been famous for its meat dishes, such as juicy lamb cooked with red onion rings, pomegranate seeds, tomatoes and cucumbers or traditional barbecue, khachapuri and phali, which are known all over the world, also the menu includes fish items and of course salads from vegetables and everyone’s favorite variety of soups. Georgian wine is played in the ChCha restaurant to the accompaniment of your favorite dishes. Their grapes are grown under the hot sun and absorbed the astringency of the southern air.

In the Chacha restaurant, as in the whole of Georgia, they are always happy for friendly companies and large family gatherings; here for everyone there is a favorite dish and a cozy table.

Would you like to spend a romantic evening with your soulmate, celebrate a birthday or a noisy anniversary, have an unforgettable banquet or just have a tasty lunch, you will always be welcome in the Chacha restaurant, and it’s always easy and quick to book a table with the team of our site www.tvoystol.ru, so don’t put off your dinner and come to the restaurant ChaCha.


Restaurant ChaCha Menu

  • Meat cuts

    Chicken roll, pork, boiled and smoked sausage

    740 руб.
  • Sliced Pickled Salmon

    Sliced salmon marinated in vodka with citrus, lettuce with lemon juice and olive oil dressing

    510 руб.
  • Dolma

    Grape leaves stuffed with beef and pork with sour cream and garlic sauce

    390 руб.
  • Mamalyga

    Cool brewed corn grits. Served with suluguni cheese.

    340 руб.
  • Assorted khinkali

    Pork and beef, lamb, suluguni cheese (6 pieces)

    460 руб.


Every Friday and Saturday you will find not only gastronomic discoveries, but also live music.

Every Friday and Saturday you will find not only gastronomic discoveries, but also live music.

Every Friday, Saturday / 19:00 - 22:00 / Until 26.12.2020
When a heap of everyday worries covers an avalanche of life, allow yourself some beauty. For example, a delicious dinner in the Chacha restaurant accompanied by delicate melodies and enchanting voices.
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