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Samba Sushi Restaurant, located in St. Petersburg on Grechesky Prospekt in the Smolninskoye district, is a budget institution with a unique combination of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisines.

This collaboration gave rise to the relocation of the Japanese to Brazil and Peru at the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Based on the combination of cultures and temperament of these peoples, a special formation of dishes has developed that you can taste in the Samba Sushi restaurant.

The interior of the Samba Sushi restaurant is made in the same stormy and unusual style as the restaurant’s kitchen itself. Bright colors in a warm color palette and at the same time minimalism in details make the design of the restaurant's furniture ideally suited to its concept of served dishes.

A variety of Japanese rolls, sashimi, colorful seviche and South American beefmac roll will be an excellent alternative to dinner in the company of friends and have fun. Samba Sushi Restaurant is suitable for both a birthday and a business dinner with colleagues.

Well, are you ready to experiment and taste dishes from such a unique mixture? If so, then be sure to reserve a table here on our website



    Seven pieces of nigiri sushi: Maguro (tuna), Sake (salmon), Ica (squid), Izumity (crucian carp), Ebi (shrimp), Unagi (eel), Sime saba (mackerel), Samba roll (salmon, avocado, caviar tobika cucumber and lettuce)

    660 руб.

    Six pieces of sashimi: Maguro (tuna) 2 pieces of Sake (salmon), 2 pieces, Izumity (crucian carp) 2 pieces. Four pieces of sushi nigiri: Maguro (tuna), Ica (squid), Hamachi (yellowtail), Hokkigai (clam), House roll (tuna, salmon, crab, yellowtail, perch, tobiko, avocado and cucumber

    770 руб.
  • SAMBA SALMON SET (for two)

    Sashimi (4 slices), Nigiri sushi (6 slices), Alaska Roll (spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber, salad, masago) Hoso Maki Roll

    910 руб.
  • SAMBA SET OF ROLLS (for two)

    Philadelphia roll, 1/2 rolls: Alaska, Boston, Haru, California and California Tobiko

    1,530 руб.
  • ONCE IN AMERICA (for two)

    Rolls: Alaska, Boston, California, Miami, Philadelphia Spicy

    1,550 руб.
  • SAMBA HOT ROLLS (for two)

    Rolls: Kamakura, Carnival, Kyoto, Satsuma, Sakana Tempura, Shitaki

    1,880 руб.

    Sashimi 15 slices: tuna, salmon, perch, octopus, eel Nigiri sushi 2 pcs each: tuna, salmon, eel, scallop, shrimp, octopus, squid, perch Nigiri spicy sushi 1 pc: scallop, shrimp, salmon, octopus , tuna, eel

    2,050 руб.


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10% discount on bookings from 6 people

10% discount on bookings from 6 people

12:00 - 22:00 / Until 27.12.2020
10% discount on bookings from 6 people for a banquet or family dinner
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Special offers for business lunch

Special offers for business lunch

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday / 12:00 - 16:00 / Until 27.12.2020
Special offers for business lunch on weekdays from 12-00 to 16-00.
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