Podval Brodyachey Sobaki (le Chien Errant)

Podval Brodyachey Sobaki (le Chien Errant)

Итальянская улица, д. 4, Nevskiy Prospekt
(пл. Искусств 5/4)
Flavour 8.5
Service 8.0
Atmospheres 10.0

Russian, European

Price Range:


Podval Brodyachey Sobaki(le Chien Errant) is a historic art café located on Art Square, not far from the Mikhailovsky Theater. This cafe is another great attraction of St.Petersburg that harmoniously combines a restaurant, a cabaret, an exhibition hall, and a theater stage that was opened at the beginning of the 19th century.

To this day, in the “Basement of a Stray Dog”, the mysterious and at the same time soulful atmosphere of the poetic Silver Age has been preserved. Currently, literary and creative evenings of famous Russian folk and novice artists of Russia are often held here, exhibitions are organized and interesting performances are staged. Podval Brodyachey Sobaki means Stray Dog's Basement.

The enjoyment of spiritual food in the Podval Brodyachey Sobaki Cafe is ideally combined with the exquisite dishes of Russian and European cuisines presented in this menu. If you are very hungry, be sure to try the rich Meat hodgepodge and the most delicate St. Petersburg Beef. For those who wish to have a snack, we recommend Crispy sticks with cheese sauce or Cold boiled pork with horseradish. In addition to the meal, a large selection of drinks is offered, from various teas to fine wines and strong alcoholic drinks.

The Art Cafe "Podval Brodyachey Sobaki" is a wonderful place both for cultural pastime with friends and relatives, and for an original romantic date.

Given the high popularity and high attendance of the Art Cafe Podval Brodyachey Sobaki(le Chien Errant), we advise you to purchase tickets to performances in advance and book a table suitable for you and your friends on our website


Menu Restaurant Podval Brodyachey Sobaki (le Chien Errant)

  • Fish Plate

    410 руб.
  • Beef Strogonov

    460 руб.
  • Grilled Vegetables

    180 руб.
  • Ice cream with cream

    240 руб.
  • Американо

    160 руб.


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Reviews (2)

  • Лидия Королева
    Лидия К.- 14 February 2020
    Flavour: 9.0 - Atmospheres: 10.0 - Service: 8.0
    Сохранившееся чудо Петербурга с его душой и сердцем.
  • Инна Шапорда
    Инна Ш.- 17 November 2019
    Flavour: 8.0 - Atmospheres: 10.0 - Service: 8.0
    Обязательно посетите подвал, если ещё здесь не были.

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