Jelsomino Cafe

Jelsomino Cafe

Полтавская улица, д. 5/29, Ploschad’ Vosstaniya
Flavour 8.8
Service 8.8
Atmospheres 9.0

Italian, Japanese, European, Author's

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Jelsomino Cafe is a trendy Karaoke Club of famous Ginza Project, located on Poltavskaya street, near Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg(Spb). The institution is named after the hero of the tale of the Italian writer Gianni Rodari about a young man with an incredibly loud and beautiful voice.

Your voice will sound here in the most flawless way thanks to its powerful modern equipment, good vocals and professional work of the sound engineers in the Karaoke Club Jelsomino.

The interior of “Jelsomino Cafe” has massive furniture in beige and brown tones, wrought-iron chandeliers and statuettes, is designed in a luxurious Italian style. In addition to the main hall with a stage, there is a VIP-room for quiet communication and romantic dates.

The menu of the Jelsomino Restaurant presents gastronomic masterpieces of European, Italian, Russian and Japanese cuisines. It is impossible to resist, so as not to order here one of the branded sushi sets or delicious Karena lamb with Porto sauce. And as a nice accompaniment to the dishes and songs, a variety of refreshing strong drinks and specialty cocktails from the bar list are offered. Also, a pleasant addition to the rest will be a fragrant hookah from the collection of the most delicious tobacco mixes.

Restaurant-club "Jelsomino" is an ideal place for social events, birthdays and other important events. For women's companies who want to hold a “Hen party” here before the wedding, enjoy nice discounts and compliments. And on Mondays and Tuesdays, “Gelsomino Cafe” simply pampers girls with 50% discounts on anything they want.

A nice bonus of the entertainment program in the Karaoke Club Jelsomino has periodic performances of famous pop singers.

Come here and feel like a Real Star in the Karaoke-Restaurant "Jelsomino Cafe", book a table on our website


Club-Restaurant Jelsomino Cafe Menu

  • Карпаччо из лосося

    950 руб.
  • Салат с морепродуктами

    1,400 руб.
  • Калифорнийская Аляска

    1,700 руб.
  • Курица горячего копчения

    2,900 руб.
  • Запечённая нога ягнёнка с овощами

    7,000 руб.


Performance of Art Groups

Performance of Art Groups

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday / 22:00 - 00:30 / Until 27.12.2020
Performance of Art Groups
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Incendiary nights!

Incendiary nights!

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday / 00:00 - 03:00 / Until 26.12.2020
Celebrate the end of your work week at the Gelsomino Café Restaurant.
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Promotions & Discount

50% Discount for Women's Companies

50% Discount for Women's Companies

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday / 20:00 - 05:00 / Until 27.12.2020
Discount for women's companies 50% on everything, including songs (maximum 8 people) (only when paying cash)
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30% Discount For Women

30% Discount For Women

Every Saturday / 20:00 - 05:00 / Until 27.12.2020
Women's companies 30% discount on alcohol and free songs (from 1 to 8 persons).
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20% off birthday

20% off birthday

12:00 - 00:00 / Until 30.12.2020
20% birthday discount on all menus upon presentation of the document.
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Reviews (4)

  • Nicole Schertz
    Nicole S.- 12 February 2020
    Flavour: 9.0 - Atmospheres: 9.0 - Service: 9.0
    Nice place to spend time with friends. They have tasty sushi bar. Good place to have fun.
  • Александр Кузнецов
    Александр К.- 02 December 2019
    Flavour: 9.0 - Atmospheres: 9.0 - Service: 8.0
    Хороший караоке-бар, неформальная атмосфера даёт расслабиться и полностью забыть о буднях. Порадовало неплохое меню, большой выбор салатов и закусок, на горячее есть очень вкусный лосось гриль с соусом, если по-экономичнее в меню представлены куриные котлеты, которые тоже ничего. В общем мне понравилось как непринуждённо и в развлекательной обстановке прошло время.
  • Luka Doncic
    Luka D.- 30 October 2019
    Flavour: 10.0 - Atmospheres: 9.0 - Service: 9.0
    I haven't tried foods yet but i like this place to have fun. I recommend.
  • Sofya Bikeeva
    Sofya B.- 09 October 2019
    Flavour: 7.0 - Atmospheres: 9.0 - Service: 9.0
    Развлекательный ресторан или даже скорей всего караоке-бар, так как основная идея заведения, чтобы гости не скучали, а веселились. Отлично провели время с подругами, воспользовавшись скидками.

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+7 (812) 407-12-74

Opening Hours:

  • Monday 20:00 / 05:00
  • Tuesday 20:00 / 05:00
  • Wednesday 20:00 / 05:00
  • Thursday 20:00 / 05:00
  • Friday 20:00 / 06:00
  • Saturday 20:00 / 06:00
  • Sunday 20:00 / 05:00

Karaoke from 22:00