Balcon Lounge Bar

Balcon Lounge Bar

Большой проспект ПС, 84, Petrogradskaya
Flavour 8.5
Service 9.0
Atmospheres 9.0


Price Range:


Lounge-bar "BALCON" is a trendy establishment on the top floor of one of the buildings on Bolshoi Prospekt in Spb(St. Petersburg). This restaurant-bar decorated in a modernist comfy style and it's a great place to relax.

The Balcon's cuisine is distinguished by its chef’s originality and includes nice gastronomic experiments with European, Asian and American cuisines.

The most interesting of the Fusion Cuisines in Balcon are such dishes as Chicken Popcorn with Jack Daniels Sauce, Ossobuko's Sirloin Beef Tibia with Glass Chips and Marinated Salmon in Hemp Oil.

The Balcon Lounge's bar list includes real masterpieces of cocktail art, a lot of wine varieties from different countries of the world, and a huge amount of liqueurs. Also for tea lovers, there is an extensive tea list for quiet intimate evenings in a couple of relatives or friends.

Also, In the BALCON a rich choice of the most fragrant and smoky types of hookahs is offered.

The friendly and relaxing atmosphere of the lounge bar "Balcon" is perfectly suited for meeting with friends or loved ones after a hard-working day.

The Balcon bar offers many motivating promotions. For the guests who visited this place for the first time, one of the most delicious desserts is served at the end of the meal.

On Mondays - for men, and on Tuesdays - for women's companies, the Balcon restaurant provides attractive discounts on the entire menu.

A 20% discount on the birthday order will serve as an excellent occasion to celebrate an unforgettable birthday here.

The balcony has the openable windows of the summer terrace with the amazing view of the city center and Petrogradka. This view makes Balcon an excellent choice for a business meeting or a romantic dinner.

On Fridays and Saturdays, pre-parties and social parties with photo-shoots are held here.

Having booked a table on, come to the Lounge-bar BALCON for a good mood and stress relief.


Menu Balcon Lounge Bar

  • Greek salad

    270 руб.
  • Salmon steak

    740 руб.
  • Quail Egg Chicken Soup

    180 руб.
  • Mascarpone with almond cream

    390 руб.


Promotions & Discount

Reviews (2)

  • Ольга Ксениева
    Ольга К.- 15 February 2020
    Flavour: 9.0 - Atmospheres: 9.0 - Service: 9.0
    Лаунж-бар Balcon самый лучший из всех подобных заведений. Оригинальный зал, пусть не большой, но достаточно вместительный. Для лаунж-бара неплохое меню и лучшие вина и кальяны.
  • Ульяна Максимова
    Ульяна М.- 23 October 2019
    Flavour: 8.0 - Atmospheres: 9.0 - Service: 9.0
    Отдыхали на Балконе в прошлую субботу. Очень приятное впечатление от заведения.

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