Pryanosti & Radosti on Moskovskiy

Pryanosti & Radosti on Moskovskiy

Московский проспект, 191, Moskovskaya
Flavour 8.8
Service 9.2
Atmospheres 9.0

Russian, Georgian, Eastern, European

Price Range:

1500 ₽

Restaurant "Pryanosti & Radosti" on Moskovsky Prospect is one of the legendary establishments belonging to the restaurant chain "Ginza Project". The restaurant's name means "Spices and Joy".

The chef of this wonderful place is Georgian by birth and his name is Izo Zanzawa. Interestingly, she was a doctor before. Cooking something tasty every day in her family was a family tradition, which influenced her decision to open her own restaurant, she chose cooking instead of continuing her career as a doctor.

The restaurant "Pryanosti & Radosti" attracts locals and tourists with its homely atmosphere and as well as patterns and ornaments characteristic of the traditional Georgian style of the interior, comfortable furniture in shades of brown, and decorative plants indoors. The restaurant has two floors with spacious rooms, designed for a total of 180 people.

In addition to traditional Caucasian cuisine, the menu includes original European dishes in the chef's vision. Chashushuli and Ajapsandali are the most exquisite of the variety of oriental dishes. If you wonder European dishes, Tvoystol would suggest you try Ribeye Steak.

Restaurant "Spices and Joy" is primarily focused on family holidays. The restaurant has a bright and exciting game room with an inventive and cheerful animator for kids here, is working every day from morning to evening. In addition, there are interesting workshops for children.

Also, the restaurant is perfect for meeting with friends and business partners. In "Pryanosti & Radosti" you can celebrate corporate events and order banquets. Don't forget to make a reservation, choose the best seats from our lovely made website.


Menu Restaurant Pryanosti & Radosti on Moskovskiy

  • Pilaf with lamb and vegetables

    520 руб.
  • Chashushuli

    670 руб.
  • Shyshlyk from veal

    850 руб.
  • Dorado

    870 руб.
  • Seafood risotto

    750 руб.


Promotions & Discount

Lunch for 499 rubles!

Lunch for 499 rubles!

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday / 09:00 - 07:00 / Until 27.12.2020
Lunch for 499 rubles! (meals to choose from)
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20% discount

20% discount

09:00 - 07:00 / Until 29.12.2020
on Birthday
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Dessert as a gift to pregnant girls

Dessert as a gift to pregnant girls

09:00 - 07:00 / Until 29.12.2020
Dessert as a gift to pregnant girls
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Reviews (6)

  • Анастасия Герменова
    Анастасия Г.- 11 February 2020
    Flavour: 9.0 - Atmospheres: 8.0 - Service: 10.0
    Ресторан расположен в очень удобном мне месте, что скорей всего и влияет на мои частые посещения. Приятный, чистый. Кухня замечательная, всегда нравилась кавказская кухня с нежнейшими шашлыками.
  • Лола Перменова
    Лола П.- 09 February 2020
    Flavour: 9.0 - Atmospheres: 9.0 - Service: 9.0
    Такой по-домашнему уютный и приятный ресторан. Любим приходить сюда всей семьёй. Для малышей есть хорошая детская комната.
  • Elaine Peck
    Elaine P.- 05 February 2020
    Flavour: 9.0 - Atmospheres: 10.0 - Service: 9.0
    Good place for dine! Atmosphere is great! I like every single moment I spent here.
  • April Byrd
    April B.- 11 December 2019
    Flavour: 8.0 - Atmospheres: 9.0 - Service: 10.0
    Its allready been 3 months since my first visit here and I've been coming virtually every week at least once now. Just like the whole concept here from food to the welcoming gestures of the waiters.
  • Ceyhun Yılmaz
    Ceyhun Y.- 29 October 2019
    Flavour: 8.0 - Atmospheres: 8.0 - Service: 8.0
    Try ''Chashushuli'' with some wine. Enjoy :=)
  • Mason Young
    Mason Y.- 15 October 2019
    Flavour: 10.0 - Atmospheres: 10.0 - Service: 9.0
    You will like whatever you eat! Design of the restaurant makes your food taste better!

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