Ruki Vverh

Ruki Vverh

наб. канала Грибоедова, 28, Nevskiy Prospekt
Flavour 7.5
Service 7.5
Atmospheres 8.5

Russian, Japanese, European

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The original Bar-Club "Ruki Vverh", opened by the soloist, Sergey Zhukov, of the famous group of the same name in the 90s, is located on the Lomonosov street, which is popular among St. Petersburg youth and tourists.

The bar is literally saturated with the atmosphere at the end of the 20th century. The interior, designed in the Post-Soviet style, and a shop with once-popular trifles and toys, like Tamagotchi, Tetris, and Dandy, literally take us into the era of that time.

"Ruki Vverh" means "Hands Up" in the Russian Language.

The Ruki Vverh Bar Club has four floors and two dance floors and plays the nostalgic music program of the '90s with mixed modern hits. Also, there is a hall dedicated to karaoke performances.

In The Ruki Vverh Club, you can eat very tasty and satisfying. The facility's menu offers a choice of dishes of Russian and European cuisines. Juicy kebabs, amazing handmade pasta or assorted plates with snacks - whatever you choose -, will give you real gastronomic pleasure. The bar menu is full of a variety of cocktails, wines and other soft and strong drinks.

The atmosphere of the club-bar Ruki Vverh is perfectly suited for celebrating birthdays, hen parties and bachelor parties, and as a motivation for this, there is a generous 50% discount on the menu.

Club "Hands Up" is incredibly popular among St. Petersburg youth and those who like the 90's atmosphere. On weekends it is almost impossible to find an empty seat, therefore we advise you to book a table in advance on our website In addition, booking a table will give you the opportunity to sing karaoke for free.


Ruki Vverh Bar & Nightclub Menu

  • Meat delicacies

    640 руб.
  • Machete steak on creamy perlotto with grilled vegetables

    520 руб.
  • Pasta with shrimps, zucchini and cherry tomatoes

    485 руб.
  • Eclairs

    290 руб.


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Reviews (2)

  • Арташ Кочарян
    Арташ К.- 15 February 2020
    Flavour: 8.0 - Atmospheres: 9.0 - Service: 8.0
    Когда-то зажигали под Руки Вверх на дискотеках, а теперь можем вот приходить и вспоминать те времена в одноимённом бар-клубе.
  • Анастасия Герменова
    Анастасия Г.- 28 October 2019
    Flavour: 7.0 - Atmospheres: 8.0 - Service: 7.0
    Можно отлично развлечься и неплохо поесть. Меню совсем неплохое, интересное и с ноткой юмора оформлением и названиями. Советую попробовать пельмешки Пэ-Пэшки, а из десертов Трухлявый пень просто объедение.

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+7 (812) 407-12-74

Opening Hours:

  • Monday 18:00 / 06:00
  • Tuesday 18:00 / 06:00
  • Wednesday 18:00 / 06:00
  • Thursday 18:00 / 06:00
  • Friday 18:00 / 06:00
  • Saturday 18:00 / 06:00
  • Sunday 18:00 / 06:00