Del Mar on Nevsky

Del Mar on Nevsky

Невский проспект, 52, Gostiny Dvor
Flavour 9.0
Service 8.5
Atmospheres 8.0

Italian, Japanese, Caucasian

Price Range:


“Del Mar on Nevsky” is part of many restaurants of the same name in Del Mar Group. The restaurant is located on the busiest avenue (Nevsky) in the center of St. Petersburg(Spb).

“Del Mar on Nevsky” is a three-story establishment and decorated in a bright oriental style with a well-designed thematic layout for appropriate types of recreation.

There are quiet lounge areas for romantic and business meetings and a spacious hall for fabulous parties with karaoke and show programs, as well as a banquet hall for special occasions and celebrations of various significant dates.

Del Mar on Nevsky's menu is world-wide. You can find a variety of dishes from Asian, European and Caucasian cuisines in the menu. Chkmeruli, baked Philadelphia rolls and juicy kebabs are considered the most favorite dishes among visitors.

“Del Mar on Nevsky” is always open to guests, offering the most delicious breakfasts and hearty, inexpensive lunches with its typical Oriental hospitality.
There is a variety of tobaccos and delicious flavors for hookahs lovers.

The recommended things here are local beers, cocktails, and rolls.

The restaurant “Del Mar” is especially popular among St. Petersburg youth and foreign tourists because of the location. It's in the Nevsky Prospekt which is the heart of the city.

Every night the place turns into a fascinating club with unstoppable fun, karaoke and dancing until the morning especially on Fridays and Saturdays "Del Mar on Nevsky" becomes the most popular enjoyable place of St. Petersburg.

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Menu Restaurant-Club Del Mar on Nevsky

  • Spaghetti Carbonara

    320 руб.
  • Khachapuri with smoked cheese

    490 руб.
  • Warm salad with beef tenderloin

    320 руб.
  • Dorado

    620 руб.
  • Philadelphia roll with salmon

    340 руб.


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Reviews (2)

  • Олег Шапалин
    Олег Ш.- 15 February 2020
    Flavour: 9.0 - Atmospheres: 8.0 - Service: 8.0
    Вкусно, хороший сервис.
  • Галина Красотка
    Галина К.- 20 January 2020
    Flavour: 9.0 - Atmospheres: 8.0 - Service: 9.0
    Тематически восточный Дель Мар на Невском оказался уютным и тёплым по атмосфере рестораном с прекрасной кавказской кухней. Вкусные шашлыки. Порадовала скидка на роллы.

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