Information Workshop

Information Workshop

Mamalyga on Belinskogo -

Sunday / 12:00 / 26.01.2020
ул. Белинского, 5, Gostiny Dvor

An informational seminar by tradition in a bachelorette party format in a cozy restaurant & breakfast with a guest speaker.
Theme of the meeting: “SECRETS OF EMPRESSES OF CHINA. WOMAN CODE ”- Chinese medicine and ancient practices for modern women.

Two experts in the field of women's health and self-knowledge will be present at the meeting. Evgenia Vedernikova @onewomanstory is a master of body therapy, leading sacred practices and projects with world geography on integrated women's development, and Evgenia Malinovskaya is a specialist in Chinese medicine, a teacher of Taoist women's practices, a biodynamic therapist, and a specialist in restoring women's health.

Women's health is a topic that excites every woman now. The principles of health, discovered thousands of years ago and described in Chinese medicine, remain unchanged. At the meeting, we will touch on the ancient art of restoring and cultivating vitality, learn the secrets of the beauty and youth of the Eastern Empresses, learn the fundamental principles of women's health, and get acquainted with the YangSheng system of nurturing life. You will learn daily simple exercises for the face and body that will help you all your life.

Consider the topics:

- Tao of female wisdom

- The preciousness of the female body in the sacred meaning of Yin and Yang - the dual nature of women - the expression of male and female principles in the body, the female axis

- Star USIN - the balance of the primary elements in the body. Face as a reflection of the inner world. What is beauty? Facial rejuvenation

- Eastern secrets of the empresses of China. 10 tips of oriental medicine for every day for beauty, youth and health. Practical recommendations

- Important points on the body for hormonal balance

- Causes of female diseases in Eastern medicine. How to live and not get sick. Enemies of Women's Health

- The sacred female center as a source of energy. The creative energy of life.

The warm atmosphere of the meeting in the format of a conversation will help not only relax, but also make new acquaintances, learn a little more about yourself, answer many internal questions.

You will have a delicious breakfast and a drawing of gifts from the information partners of the seminar.

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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