MakkoLi on Soyuza Pechatnikov

MakkoLi on Soyuza Pechatnikov

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улица Союза Печатников, 9/6, Sadovaya

Japanese, Chinese, Korean

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The Restaurant "MakkoLi on Soyuza Pechatnikov Street" is one of two Korean restaurants of the same name chain, located near the Sennaya metro station at St.Petersburg(Spb), next to the Mariinsky theater.

The restaurant designed with brick walls and comfortable upholstered furniture in a discreet palette of colors, as well as its "brother" on Ligovsky Prospekt, is made in a minimalist grunge style. Some tables are equipped with a traditional Korean grill and hood over them.

The menu of the Restaurant MakkoLi on Soyuza Pechatnikov is replete with delicacies of Korean cuisine mixed with Japanese and pan-Asian culinary hits. For those who are first acquainted with the exquisite dishes of rich Korean gastronomy, we recommend to try such traditional options as Kimchi, Kalbi Tim and Champon. Complement the meal can be the original sweet Korean wine or as a sweet be sure to taste the signature dessert, fruit rolls.

The MakkoLi on Soyuza Pechatnikov Restaurant with its calm, relaxing atmosphere is ideal for business Lunches, which are offered here in several different versions, romantic and friendly dinners, as well as birthday celebrations and other significant dates.

To spend a cozy evening in the most popular Korean restaurant in St. Petersburg the Restaurant MakkoLi on Soyuza Pechatnikov, you just have to choose a table, with or without a grill, and book it on our website



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Discount on Birthday

Discount on Birthday

11:00 - 23:00 / Until 31.12.2019
10% Discount for birthday boy/girl on his/her birthday
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We do not care for the cold, because all of November we double the alcohol!

We do not care for the cold, because all of November we double the alcohol!

11:00 - 23:00 / Until 30.11.2019
Author's cocktails, spirits, wines, Korean Soju - all x2!
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Reviews (2)

  • 佐藤 葵.
    佐藤 葵.- 24 July 2019
    Мне понравилось. Еда, атмосфера, интерьер сочетаются друг с другом и в общем-то придраться не к чему. Предлагаются блюда как корейские, так и японские. Из близких к нашему восприятию есть салаты и, конечно же, морковка по-корейски.
  • Rozália V.
    Rozália V.- 11 May 2019
    Обожаю корейскую кухню-острая и со специфическим вкусом азии, почувствовала себя в настоящем корейском заведении в Сеуле. Блюда готовятся прямо на вашем столе и перед вашими глазами еде превращается в шедевр, очень вкусный шедевр. Любителям роллов и суши также понравится в МаккоЛи, так как в меню имеется всеми любимые Филадельфия и роллы с огурцом.

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