Podnebesnaya (Sky Space)

Podnebesnaya (Sky Space)

улица Уточкина, 7, Komendantskiy Prospekt
Flavour 7.8
Service 8.3
Atmospheres 8.8

Russian, European, Homemade

Price Range:


The Hookah Restaurant “Podnebesnaya” or “Sky Space”, is a huge 500 square-meter penthouse located on the top floor of one of the high-rise buildings on Utochkina Street, near to the Komendantsky Prospekt in St.Petersburg(Spb). Podnebesnaya means "Celestial Empire" in Russian.

At the entrance to the bar-restaurant, it seems as if you came to visit good old friends. Come in and feel at home! Because the Podnebesnaya Restaurant is build to this. Soft and comfortable sofas, photographs and paintings on the walls, bookshelves, and authentic fireplaces, as well as panoramic windows with views of St. Petersburg houses. Windows are opening to the bottomless sky creates an unusually cozy and emotional atmosphere.

Be sure, here your palate will certainly be satisfied. The menu of the Sky Space Restaurant offers European and Russian culinary delights prepared in the original chef's performance. Appetizing Burgers, Pasta with the most delicate sauces, as well as matchless grilled meat and fish dishes will appeal to any gourmet. The bar menu offers unique types of signature cocktails, soft and tart wines, dark and light beer, as well as delicious homemade soft drinks and various teas. Do not forget to order a hookah, where it is simply impossible not to try one of the amazing varieties of tobacco on fruit, water or even cola.

Sky Space Hookah Restaurant is an ideal place for romantic dates and friendly meetings, as well as for celebrations of birthdays, corporate parties and other important events. Sunday dinners are accompanied here with live music on the old piano.

For a more interesting pastime in the Podnebesnaya Restaurant, you can choose one of the exciting board games. And on Sundays, it becomes especially interesting here, because everyone joins the Mafia game with exciting adventures and intrigues.

Before everyone should at least once visit the Podnebesnaya Restaurant, make sure you have a reservation for a table on our website Tvoystol.com.


Lounge Bar Podnebesnaya (Skyspace) Menu

  • Meat plateau

    440 руб.
  • Fish soup with salmon

    350 руб.
  • Medallions of beef

    480 руб.
  • Salmon steak

    650 руб.


Promotions & Discount

7'th hookah free

7'th hookah free

11:00 - 03:00 / Until 31.12.2020
When collecting 7 stickers, the “Beloved Guest” card can be exchanged for one free hookah.
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From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. special discounts on hookah

From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. special discounts on hookah

11:00 - 17:00 / Until 31.12.2020
from 11:00 to 17:00 daily - special smoky discounts apply
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Free second hookah in Birthday

Free second hookah in Birthday

11:00 - 03:00 / Until 31.12.2020
When ordering a hookah, within 3 days (1 day before, on the day and 1 day after the birthday), the second hookah is the same Prem, Standart or fruit as a gift.
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Reviews (6)

  • Guilherme Fernandez
    Guilherme F.- 10 February 2020
    Flavour: 8.0 - Atmospheres: 9.0 - Service: 8.0
    This place is so comfy with sofas and pillowy seats. We were a group of 8 and fitted perfect to a corner which I loved because fitting in big groups is usually problematic in the restaurants, you can never talk to everyone. Here it felt like a cozy home party, loved it.
  • Lauren Bien
    Lauren B.- 02 January 2020
    Flavour: 8.0 - Atmospheres: 9.0 - Service: 8.0
    It's a really cozy place to go with big friend groups. I'd say try the hookah with cola, it's really different but good. Food is good but not too special, but they have a variety of beers. So I recommend it overall.
  • Kimmy Granger
    Kimmy G.- 24 October 2019
    Flavour: 8.0 - Atmospheres: 10.0 - Service: 7.0
    Meet, socialize and have party. Sky space is perfect place for that.
  • Семих Гундуз
    Семих Г.- 22 September 2019
    Flavour: 8.0 - Atmospheres: 7.0 - Service: 9.0
    Отличное место для посиделок с компанией друзей. Хотя это ресторан-кальянная, здесь отлично кормят. Хорошее разнообразное меню закусок под пиво. С обслуживанием всё в порядке, на мой вкус нужна небольшая реконструкция помещения.
  • Екатерина Власенко
    Екатерина В.- 22 August 2019
    Flavour: 7.0 - Atmospheres: 8.0 - Service: 9.0
    Интересная задумка интерьера, выполненная в лаконичном европейском стиле. Еду не ели, поэтому ничего сказать не могу. Кальяны суперские и благодаря атмосфере питерских крыш прекрасно провели романтический вечер.
  • Milan Baros
    Milan B.- 15 August 2019
    Flavour: 8.0 - Atmospheres: 10.0 - Service: 9.0
    First time in my life I have seen a place decorated as this creative. You feel like you are in a home party.

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