Caviar Bar & Restaurant

Caviar Bar & Restaurant

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Михайловская улица, 1/7, Nevskiy Prospekt
(Белмонд Гранд Отель Европа (Belmond Grand Hotel Europe))


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Caviar Bar & Restaurant is one of the three premium restaurants located at the Grand Hotel Europe on Mikhailovskaya Street in St. Petersburg. At the heart of its concept is the introduction of visitors to the variety and rich taste of caviar, which is a symbol of Russian national cuisine.

Caviar Restaurant's staff is always happy to tell interesting historical facts about ancient caviar and perfectly suitable alcoholic beverages. You can buy the favorite types of sturgeon and beluga caviar as original presents in a special shop.

The menu of the Caviar Bar restaurant, contains all the necessary categories, from snacks to desserts, while caviar is an invariable element of each dish. Here you can try the original taste of openwork pancakes with black caviar, Dumplings with sterlet and black caviar, amazing sturgeon steak with black caviar, as well as a completely unique dessert Ice cream brie with black caviar. The restaurant’s bar list includes a wide assortment of sparkling wines, champagnes as well as traditional Russian liqueurs and premium types of vodka.

The cozy atmosphere of "Caviar Bar & Restaurant" is ideal for romantic and business meetings. In addition, there would be a nice time while tasting various types of caviar under a glass of champagne or a glass of vodka along with friends and
relatives. It is also worth noting that this is one of the favorite institutions among Russian and foreign celebrities.

Caviar Bar & Restaurant is very popular both among foreigners and among the respectable Russian public, therefore we recommend you to fill the reservation form from or call us to make a reservation for Caviar Bar.


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Reviews (1)

  • Andra M.
    Andra M.- 09 June 2019
    We were searching for a real Russian Caviar to eat and Tvoystol recommended us this place. Sorry that we don't have a second time to eat here, sooooo delicious.
  • Ηλίας Π.
    Ηλίας Π.- 19 April 2019
    Большой выбор разнообразных закусок с икрой. Можно выбрать и попробовать разные виды икры, например, икру белуги или стерляди, а персонал подскажет какой алкогольный напиток больше подойдёт к той или иной икру. Персонал вежливый и внимательный.
  • Stanislas M.
    Stanislas M.- 03 April 2019
    Зашли в бар буквально перекусить и немного выпить, а остались на весь вечер. Очень приятный бар с располагающей атмосферой.

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  • Monday 17:00 / 23:00
  • Tuesday 17:00 / 23:00
  • Wednesday 17:00 / 23:00
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  • Friday 17:00 / 23:00
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