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BeefZavod is a unique project of the Ginza Project restaurant chain, located on Aptekarsky Avenue St.Petersburg. The restaurant consists of the main hall for one hundred and twenty seats, a meat workshop with a camera for dry aging of carcasses and a counter at the entrance where sausages, salami, and other meat delicacies are sold. All products of BeefZavod are taken from their own farm in the Leningrad region.

The creative, concise menu of the Restaurant BeefZavod presents all sorts of culinary positions not only from beef but also from chicken and fish. So, here, in addition to the most tender Steaks and Chopped Cutlets, you can taste options such as Cheek or Bull's Heart, Grilled Chicken or Ladoga Sudak from the grill.

In addition to any meat, as you know, wine is best suited. BeefZavod presents about two hundredwine options. Also, the restaurant menu has a small selection of desserts with coffee and tea, for those who do not think about the end of the meal without sweets.

The Restaurant BeefZavod has become quite a popular institution among all St. Petersburg meat eaters, thanks to its peculiarity of using exclusively natural products in dishes. Make a reservation first, and after enjoy the meats of BeefZavod.


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  • ანა მ.
    ანა მ.- 07 September 2019
    Не слишком разнообразное меню заменяет настоящее качество приготовленных блюд. Отличный стейк с закуской из авакадо были очень вкусными.
  • Isaac W.
    Isaac W.- 15 August 2019
    Выдержанный в своей концепции интерьер органично соединяется с кухней ресторана. Очень вкусные десерты и закуски. Отдыхали здесь с девушкой и нам понравилось. Спасибо.
  • Temel K.
    Temel K.- 05 June 2019
    If you visit BeefZavod you guarante a confusion about which wine you should drink. There are 200 wines ready for your selection!Fortunately the waiters are really kind and knowledgeable about what they offer. Wine lovers you should definitely reward yourself with the largest wine selection collections of St. Petersburg
  • Ariana S.
    Ariana S.- 07 April 2019
    Thanks Tvoystol that i learned that there is %20 birthday discount at the BeefZavod. After learning this it is impossible for me to miss this opportunity. Despite being a restaurant with reasonable price and additional birthday discount made me feel the luckiest woman on earth

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