New Year's Eve "Back to the 90s"

New Year's Eve "Back to the 90s"

Mari Vanna -

Tuesday / 22:00 / 31.12.2019
Мытнинская набережная, д. 3, Sportivnaya

Restaurant "Marie Vanna" invites everyone to a New Year's holiday in the style of the 90s! Marie Vanna and Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden will meet guests in the best traditions: incendiary dances to Soviet hits, a festive table, toys from the USSR and shiny rain on a Christmas tree, serpentine, plastic masks of hares, wolves, chanterelles, bright sparklers - this will turn out to be a real retro party !

Olivier with veal, 100 g
"Herring under a fur coat", 100 g
Cod under the marinade, 100 g
Beef Whip Jelly, 100 g
Salad with squid, 100 g
Assorted pickles, 150 g
(salted mushrooms, salted cucumbers,
Meat plate 120/50 g
(calf tongue, chicken roll,
lightly smoked sausage)
Fish plate 120 g
(slightly salted salmon,
cold smoked toothfish, sturgeon)
Vol au vent with red caviar, 30 g
Lingonberry fruit drink, 500 ml
Horseradish, 50 g
Mustard, 50 g
Bread basket, 90 g
Mushroom julienne with crab
in a basket of dough, 160 g
Kulebyak with fish, 350 g
duck breast
with blackberry sauce, 120/100/50 g

Hazelnut cake, 50 g
Fruit plate 1/500 g
Tea / coffee (optional)
Water without gas
Glass of sparkling wine
sparkling / dry white wine /
dry red wine (0.75 L)
/ vodka / tincture (0.5 L)
Olivier with sausage, 180 g
Pancakes with sour cream and jam, 70/40 g
Fruits (banana, tangerines, grapes), 450 g
Candy, 75 g
Vegetable sticks, 240 g
Nuggets with french fries, 50 g
Baby champagne, 250 ml
Lingonberry fruit drink, 250 ml.

Ticket price:

5000 rubles - children (up to 10 years)

10,000 rubles - from 10 to 18 years

15,000 rubles - an adult.

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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