Chrismas story

Chrismas story

Kukumber -

Monday / 16:00 / 06.01.2020
пр. Космонавтов, д. 14, ТРК «Питер Радуга» , Mezhdunarodnaya
(атриум, 2 этаж (ст.м. Парк Победы))

We invite guests to celebrate Christmas in the restaurant "Cucumber"! We will show a traditional nativity scene. This is a theatrical production of the Nativity scene. This is not just a biography, but a kind and bright fairy tale that perfectly conveys the mood and atmosphere of a magical winter holiday. A touching performance in the language of the puppet theater: three angels tell an amazing story about the birth of the baby Jesus.

Through play, music and singing, the heavenly messengers manage to breathe life into puppet heroes and present a good Christmas tale to large and small viewers. In the production, music and plastic are harmoniously combined with the interactive communication of the actors with the audience. And after that all the little guests will receive a sweet surprise from the Neva confectionery factory!

We are waiting for our guests in the restaurant "Kukumber"!

Time - 1 hour.

The participation fee is 1000 rubles (a gift is included in the price).

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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