Superhero christmas tree

Superhero christmas tree

Mamalyga on Leninsky -

Sunday / 15:00 / 22.12.2019
Ленинский пр., д. 84/1, Leninskiy Prospekt
(Leninskiy Prospekt, 84/1)

In the restaurant "MamaLyga" it is time to save the world from the forces of evil, and we can not do without the help of brave children! Call your friends - try to protect Santa Claus, New Year and gifts from insidious villains!

All the guys will receive a sweet surprise from the Neva confectionery factory.

Time: 1 hour.

For children from 4 to 8 years.

Cost of participation: 1700 r + gift.

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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