Children's fairy tale "Frozen: New Year in Arendelle"

Children's fairy tale "Frozen: New Year in Arendelle"

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Sunday / 12:00 / 05.01.2020
ул. Савушкина, д. 21, Chyornaya Rechka

Fairy Arendelle celebrates New Year and invites young guests!
Everyone is looking forward to the appearance of the main winter wizard - Santa Claus. Only now, Elsa is upset and sad - she can not control her magic in any way: she is afraid that her strength will accidentally freeze her closest relatives and friends ... Anna, Christoph and Olaf want to help Elsa! Even Prince Hans did not stand aside! The heroes of the tale have a difficult task, and they can not do without the help of the guys. Everyone will have the opportunity to feel like a hero of a beautiful fairy tale and, together with the heroes of their favorite cartoon, warm the Frozen!

Not only exciting adventures await the children, but Elsa’s live vocals, Anna’s soap bubbles show, as well as dances and flash mobs from Prince Hans and Olaf. Well, of course, all the guys will receive gifts from Santa Claus! Any magic can happen in the New Year, and our fairy-tale heroes and Santa Claus will take care of this!

We are waiting for our little fans of fairy tales at the New Year's Eve in the restaurant "Youth"!

Time: 1.5 hours.

Age: from 4 years.

Cost of participation: 1800 rubles (gift included)

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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