"Superlaboratory" from Professor Nicolas

"Superlaboratory" from Professor Nicolas

Maimun (Maimoon) -

Saturday / 15:00 / 18.01.2020
ул. Кораблестроителей, д. 14, Primorskaya

Is it possible to draw using the heat of my hands or leave a bloody print on a piece of paper? How can inertia beads jump out of the can on their own? How can a ball be made from a nipple and is it possible to hypnotize all babies at once? A scientific show with many experiments will answer these and many other questions.

The real Superlaboratory comes to the Maimun restaurant! An interactive show will not leave anyone indifferent.

All spectators will participate in the program, and in memory of the evening everyone will create a polymer worm.

Time - 1 hour.

Age - from 4 years.

The cost of participation is 300 rubles.

The number of seats is limited, pre-registration is required.

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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