New Year's fairy tale "The Nutcracker"

New Year's fairy tale "The Nutcracker"

Maimun (Maimoon) -

Sunday / 13:00 / 05.01.2020
ул. Кораблестроителей, д. 14, Primorskaya

Once, the girl Marie made a sincere wish that her favorite toy, The Nutcracker, came to life. And the magic worked, but not only for him - the mouse king, who wants to spoil the holiday, also woke up from a dream!

Will the heroes be able to win? Only with the help of our little guests! We invite children to participate in a real New Year's fairy tale, where toys come to life and a real Santa Claus comes, who will give the most delicious gifts from the Neva confectionery factory!

Beginning at 13:00.

Duration - 1.5 hours.

Age - from 4 to 9 years.

Cost - 2000 rubles (with a gift)

We are waiting for you at the Maimun restaurant!

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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