New Year's Eve with the group "Blestyashchiye"

New Year's Eve with the group "Blestyashchiye"

Nasha Dacha -

Tuesday / 22:00 / 31.12.2019
Приморское шоссе, д. 448 Репино, Out of the city

Have you also always dreamed of getting into a real New Year's fairy tale - bright, musical, unique? We invite you to spend the most magical night on a bright family holiday in the country restaurant “Nasha dacha”, where the group “Blestyashchiye”, popular at all times, will become a special guest!
Their light and dynamic songs always become hits, and the soloists at their best line-ups light the stage to the full, charging everyone with a wonderful mood! “Ciao, Bambina”, “Clouds”, “Flying”, “Oriental Tales” - these and many other favorite compositions will sound on New Year's for restaurant guests and will make the holiday truly loud and unforgettable!
Immerse yourself in a fabulous countryside atmosphere: breathtaking views of the Gulf of Finland, snow-covered nature and a warming fireplace - literally everything around is saturated with magic and beauty. Only the chimes will strike twelve, the sky will be lit up with a colorful salute, and the main characters of the celebration, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, will come to congratulate everyone on the New Year! You will also find the best DJ sets and live vocals and, of course, a generous festive table with dishes from the chef.

New Year's table

herring with potatoes
-meat plate
fish plate
- load in sour cream
liver pate
- eggplant in the south

veal with olives
herring under a fur coat

Hot snack
julienne with porcini mushrooms in a bun

Hot to choose
salmon steak with potatoes
-Skin leg with spinach and pear

holiday cake

1575 g

The drinks
-water-gas / non-gas 0.25
cranberry juice 0.5
champagne 0.375

12/31 at 9:00 p.m. there will be a transfer from metro station Chernaya rechka.

Cost: Tickets per person:
The table on the terrace - 15,000 rubles.
A table in the house, near the bar area and on the second floor - 8000 rubles.

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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