Cold heart

Cold heart

Food Park (CLOSED) -

Sunday / 17:00 / 22.12.2019
Александровский парк, 4/3 литера А, КЦ «Великан Парк», 4 этаж, Gor’kovskaya
(Aleksandrovsky Park, 4к3, Mall of 'Velikan Park' 4th floor)

Everyone is looking forward to seeing Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden!

Everyone in the kingdom is preparing for the holiday, nothing portends trouble, but ... Elsa did not manage her magical gift and accidentally froze Grandfather Frost. Now only the magical power of love, warmth, kindness, and friendship can dispel the spell.

The guys have to overcome the strong north wind, cross the frozen lake on the fragile ice, so that they unnoticed make their way past the snow guards into the ice castle. There, in anticipation, the Snow Maiden languishes with Santa Claus, and only with a warm embrace and kind words can they be thawed. After these adventures, a real holiday will begin with games, jokes, fun and New Year's gifts under the fireworks of snow!

Call your friends and embark on a magical adventure with your favorite cartoon characters! We are waiting for you in the Food Park restaurant!

Age: from 4 years

Program Duration: 2 hours

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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