Joint dinner "Fishing regions of Russia"

Joint dinner "Fishing regions of Russia"

Koryushka -

Thursday / 20:00 / 28.11.2019
территория Петропавловская крепость, 3 , Gor’kovskaya

With the support of the General partner of the event-organic vodka " Pure Dew"

The Ginza to Eat festival is in full swing, and the Smelt restaurant is in a hurry to please guests with its favorite marine theme! We invite you to a joint author's dinner from the chef of the host restaurant Stas Bykov and Denis Sinitsyn, the chef of the gastronomic caviar bar. Stas Bykov's passion to travel and desire to constantly develop help him to see and learn something new every day, to discover the culinary secrets of the whole world and, of course, to share them with all the guests of Ginza Project. On November 28, Stas will tell all about the fishing of the regions, and Denis Sinitsyn — a real specialist in the caviar business and chef of the innovative institution Saviar Russia-will help him. This project was created to develop a legal market and increase the culture of consumption of caviar. Fish gastronomy of Russia has always been famous for its scope and diversity! Excellent taste, incomparable sturgeon caviar gives a great platform for culinary experiments and a wide selection of dishes for every taste.


Aperitif: cocktail based on organic vodka " Pure Dew»

1 course: champagne Jelly with Beluga caviar from Denis Sinitsyn

Course 2: Salad with smoked trout and farm cheese from Stas Bykov

Course 3: sturgeon Dumplings with sturgeon caviar and Dashi sauce from Denis Sinitsyn

Accompaniment: organic vodka " Pure Dew»

Course 4: Ladoga whitefish with pike caviar and celery mousse from Stas Bykov

Course 5: Dessert "Caspian Coast" with caviar from Denis Sinitsyn

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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