New Year's performance "The Nutcracker"

New Year's performance "The Nutcracker"

Brichmula -

Sunday / 13:00 / 22.12.2019
Комендантский проспект, д. 13, Komendantskiy Prospekt

Get ready to hear the incredible New Year's story from Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden in the Brichmula restaurant!

Once, the girl Marie made a sincere wish that her favorite toy, The Nutcracker, came to life. And the magic worked, but not only for him - the mouse king, who wants to spoil the holiday, also woke up from a dream!

Will the heroes be able to defeat him? Only with the help of our little guests!

Beginning at 13:00.

Age - from 4 years.

Cost - 1500 rubles (with a gift).

We are waiting for you at an interactive New Year's performance in the Brichmula restaurant!

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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