New Year Night

Children's ticket from 4 to 12 years – 3900 rubles. (new year gift is included in the price, children under 3 years free of charge. )

Adult ticket without alcohol + children from 13-17 years – 6000 rubles.

Alcohol guests can choose from the bar card of the restaurant.

Adult ticket with alcohol included in the ticket price: 9000 RUB.

Soft spot + 1000 RUB to the cost of the ticket.

New year's table for 2 people:
1. Cold appetizers in the table
Assorted cheeses (Suluguni, homemade Imereti cheese, smoked Suluguni, smoked Chechil, walnut, grapes), 165 gr
Assorted vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, greens), 160 gr

2. Cold cuts (pork, boiled beef tongue, basturma, chicken roll, cream horseradish sauce), 240 gr

3. Assorted snacks (eggplant rolls in Georgian, 204 gr., mchadi with Suluguni 80/50/30/30 gr., chicken liver pate 80/40/30 gr.)

4. Fish plateau (weak salt salmon, cold smoked salmon, oily fish), 250 gr.

5. Homemade pickles (pickled tomatoes, cucumbers salted, cabbage Guri), 240 gr.

6. Fruit vase (strawberry, Mandarin, pineapple, grapes), 420 gr.

7. Salads
Olivier with chicken, 400 gr.
Salad with crispy eggplant, 280 gr.

8. Hot snack
Khachapuri with smoked cheese, 260 gr

9. Bread
Bread basket (ciabatta wheat+ rye), 150 gr.

10. Hot to choose from for each guest:
Uzbek pilaf with lamb and fresh vegetables
Pork on the bone with potatoes rustic
Chicken thigh kebab with fresh vegetables
Grilled salmon with grilled vegetables (zucchini, tomato, onion, pepper)

11. Dessert
Cake home festive, 400 gr.

12. Drinks
Raspberry juice 1 liter
Russ Quelli (Without gas) 0.7 litres
1 Bottle of Sparkling 0.75 l for up to 4 guests
The choice for each guest (white Wine dry 0,75 l dry red Wine 0, 75 l, Vodka 0.5 l)
The output of the Banquet menu, C for 1 person: 2138 gr.


1. Live music from vocalists (2 vocalists on each floor. Total 4)

2. Bright show program from the dance show.

3. Santa Claus and gifts.

4. Disco until the morning under the most popular Christmas hits.

5. The photographer who will be able to catch all the moments of this evening, the photo zone.

6. Festive animation for the youngest guests of the restaurant throughout the night from 22 00 to 5 00.

7. Festive table

8. Host of the night (1 to 2 floors)

9. Memorable gift.

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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