Mangal & Grill on Optikov

Mangal & Grill on Optikov

ул. Оптиков, д. 51/1, Begovaya

Eastern, European

Price Range:

850 ₽

Mangal & Grill is a small family restaurant with an original interior, made in the style of a spacious apartment, located on Optik Street in Spb(St. Petersburg). The owner of the place is the founder of the "I Want Barbecue" restaurant chain, which is popular in St. Petersburg.

The menu "Mangal & Grill" is dominated by Caucasian dishes, but some dishes, such as salads and appetizers, are prepared according to popular European and Russian recipes. Here they cook amazing Ossetian pies, the most tender lamb saj, appetizing khachapuri and, of course, a variety of the most delicious kebabs.

A kebab without wine? The Mangal & Grill restaurant offers a variety of homemade, Georgian and Azerbaijani wines to choose from and every taste. The hit of the wine list is light and pleasantly boozed special pomegranate drink. Those who want to smoke hookah can choose one of the many types and flavors of hookah.

“Mangal & Grill”, due to its homely cozy atmosphere, belongs to one of the most popular places among all St. Petersburgers who wish to spend time spiritually and tasty in a circle of relatives and friends. For the leisure of the kids, there is a play corner here and there is a special children's menu.

Corporate parties, various holiday celebrations, and, especially, birthdays often celebrated in Mangal & Grill. Moreover, the birthday party on their special day restaurant makes a pleasant surprise as a 20% discount on the menu.

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Menu Restaurant Mangal & Grill on Optikov

  • Salmon Kebab

    520 руб.
  • Pork loin Kebab

    360 руб.
  • Okroshka on kvass

    190 руб.
  • Salad Olivier

    230 руб.


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Reviews (0)

  • Αρκάς Αθανασίου
    Αρκάς Α.- 05 July 2019
    Flavour: 8 - Atmospheres: 8 - Service: 9
    Замечательный ресторан для перекуса. Недорого и вкусно.
  • Zhanyl Almazbekov
    Zhanyl A.- 07 April 2019
    Flavour: 10 - Atmospheres: 8 - Service: 9
    Очень домашний ресторан, как-будто заглянул в гости к соседям или родственникам. Вкусный шашлык и хорошая атмосфера для детей. Мы часто заглядываем сюда после работы или в конце неделе. Всегда на уровне.

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