Pryanosti & Radosti‎ on Posadskaya

Pryanosti & Radosti‎ on Posadskaya

Malaya Posadskaya Ulitsa, 3, Gor’kovskaya

Japanese, Georgian, European, Mediterranean

Price Range:


“Pryanosti & Radosti” club-Restaurant on Malaya Posadskaya Street is twenty-four-hour open for its customers to give service.

One of the unusual establishments of the “Ginza Project” Pryanosti & Radosti Club-Restaurant's premises is divided into three thematic sections.

One of them is a spacious, bright hall filled in a traditional Caucasian interior with ornamental plants, patterned chairs, and comfortable sofas, benches; the second one is a summer veranda with wicker furniture, and the third, the nightclub part has a modern style dancing hall with a large bar counter.

The menu of the restaurant “Pryanosti & Radosti ” on Posadskaya generally Eastern food which resembles the restaurant name itself; "Spices and Joys". In addition to the Eastern kitchen, it also includes Russian and European cuisines, presented in unusual original compositions. Thus, the most exquisite options stand out: a warm salad with chicken and smoked suluguni, cod in coconut sauce and pilaf with lamb and vegetables.

In the mornings and at lunchtime, the restaurant invites you to reserve a table for delicious homemade breakfasts and business lunches.

For kids, “Spices and Joys” provides a cozy children's room with game-themed decorations, such as a kitchen and a shop.

The Restaurant-club's audience is very diverse, as can be understood from the concept of the restaurant. It is nice to sit here with a family, with a work team, or in a noisy group of friends. And lastly, at nights you can dance with great music in a nice atmosphere with lovely pretty girls and boys.


Menu Restaurant Pryanosti & Radosti‎ on Posadskaya


    560 руб.

    Warm Brie cheese baked in phyllo dough with light salad and homemade jam made of walnuts and grapes

    650 руб.

    Tender beef pieces, stewed with vegetables, fragrant spices and fresh greens

    750 руб.

    1,250 руб.


Sunday brunch

Sunday brunch (590 ₽)

Every Sunday / 09:00 - 14:00 / Until 20.12.2019
The restaurant covers a table with dishes and snacks for every taste and offers rice and oatmeal, scrambled eggs with various fillings, rosy cakes with cabbage, potatoes and meat, tender pancakes with jam, with condensed milk, sour cream and honey, vegetables, fruits, vegetarian dishes , light desserts and more.
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Spicy nights-party

Spicy nights-party

Every Friday, Saturday / 21:00 - 02:00 / Until 27.12.2019
Spicy nights-party
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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch (590 ₽)

Every Sunday / 10:00 - 14:00 / Until 27.12.2019
Sunday brunch
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Children's Room and Nanny

Children's Room and Nanny

13:00 - 21:00 / Until 27.12.2019
Children's Room and Nanny (No nanny at tuesday and wednesday)
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Children's Master Class

Children's Master Class

Every Saturday, Sunday / 15:00
Children's master class
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Beauty make-up master class / lectures of speakers / Tarology

Beauty make-up master class / lectures of speakers / Tarology

Every Monday / 19:00
Beauty make-up master class / lectures of speakers / Tarology from 19: 00 to 21: 00.
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Christmas tree "Zootropolis" in the restaurant «Pryanosti & Radosti» on Posadskaya.

Christmas tree "Zootropolis" in the restaurant «Pryanosti & Radosti» on Posadskaya. (1500 ₽)

Sunday / 16:00 / 22.12.2019
The characters of the cartoon “Zootropolis” are ready to have fun with our young guests!
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New Year's Eve with the group "Blestyashchiye"

New Year's Eve with the group "Blestyashchiye"

Tuesday / 22:00 / 31.12.2019
We celebrate New Year in the best style of “Pryanosti & Radosti”: the atmosphere of a family holiday, the most delicious dishes from the chef and your favorite music hits from our special guest - the “Blestyashchiye” group!
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Promotions & Discount

50% Discount on Hookah

50% Discount on Hookah

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday / 14:00 - 18:00 / Until 27.12.2019
50% Discount on all hookahs with the exception of brand.
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Discount for all women's companies on all alcohol 50%

Discount for all women's companies on all alcohol 50%

Every Wednesday, Thursday / 23:00 - 06:00 / Until 27.12.2019
Discount for all women's companies on all alcohol 50% (from 2 to 8 people).
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Discount for Women's Companies on Menu 50%

Discount for Women's Companies on Menu 50%

Every Monday / 12:00 - 00:00 / Until 27.12.2019
50% Discount for women's companies on all menus, except special menu (%30 for special menu)
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Aperol Tuesday

Aperol Tuesday

Every Tuesday / 00:00 - 00:00 / Until 27.12.2019
1 + 1 = 650 rubles
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Special Offer for Wine

Special Offer for Wine

Every Wednesday / 00:00 - 00:00 / Until 27.12.2019
Special offer for wine 1+1 (list of wines participating in the action check with the waiter).
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Reviews (4)

  • Jonas Scholz
    Jonas S.- 04 September 2019
    Flavour: 10 - Atmospheres: 10 - Service: 10
    Coole Umgebung und gutes Essen und hey die parties sind echt genial... :)
  • Vladimír Farkašovský
    Vladimír F.- 05 August 2019
    Flavour: 8 - Atmospheres: 9 - Service: 7
    A place can be visited 7/24. The armchairs are very comfortable and the decoration is like a home. We went for lunch with 5 friends and each of us ordered from different cuisines. At the end of the day, our common point was our satisfaction.
  • Ηλιόδωρος Ζάππας
    Ηλιόδωρος Ζ.- 31 July 2019
    Flavour: 8 - Atmospheres: 10 - Service: 8
    Looking for nightly entertainment. Pryanosti & Radosti is for you. You don't need to look elsewhere for a night full of drinks, nice music and fun. My girlfriend and I had a great night. :)
  • Henry Harvey
    Henry H.- 04 July 2019
    Flavour: 9 - Atmospheres: 10 - Service: 10
    Good prices and wonderful decoration, I just love this place. Try the chachulusli (not sure if i wrote that right)

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