Niletto Concert

Thanks to his participation in the Songs show, the young singer attracted attention and received rave reviews from television viewers and critics, but he was not going to stop at what had been achieved: the musician’s hits Ai, Lyubimka, Jacket for Two blew up charts and gained millions of views on Youtube.

The charismatic singer and unsurpassed dancer Niletto is ready to give guests of the Spice & Joy restaurant a fiery evening.

Do not miss the main musical event of the outgoing winter!

Vip perfect visibility:
40,000 per table on 8

35,000 at the table for 7

30.000 per table for 6

20.000 per table for 4

15.000 per table on 3

10.000 for a table on 2

The second hall has good visibility:
22.000 per table for 6

20.000 per table on 5

15.000 per table for 4

12.000 per table for 4

First Hall Partial Visibility:
10,000 per table for 4

7.000 per table for 2

5.000 per table for 2

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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