New Year's Eve with the group "Blestyashchiye"

New Year's Eve with the group "Blestyashchiye"

Pryanosti & Radosti‎ on Posadskaya -

Tuesday / 22:00 / 31.12.2019
Malaya Posadskaya Ulitsa, 3, Gor’kovskaya

This magical night will definitely become unforgettable!

It will be loud and truly fun: incendiary DJ sets and enchanting live vocals will sound for you, the go-go show will perform hot dances, and the professional presenter will give a great New Year mood. And, of course, the main characters - Santa Claus and Snegurochka - will come to the holiday to congratulate guests and please guests with gifts from the restaurant and partners.

Cold snacks
herring with potatoes
-assorted meat snacks
homemade pickles
-sorted fish
-mini toast with caviar
- homemade jelly
-sorted cheeses
-seasonal vegetables and greens
ciabatta with spiced oil

Sausage with sausage
salted under a fur coat
mimosa salad with tuna

Hot snack
spring roll with salmon and shrimp in fila dough

Hot (optional)
Lamb with carrot gratin
seabass fillet with green vegetables
-Almond-milk chicken
-grilled vegetables

-fruit plate

The drinks
-water-gas / non-gas 0.5
Morse 0.5
- a glass of sparkling 0.375
- a glass of red or white wine 0.375

Strong alcohol (optional 250 ml)
-vodka / rum / whiskey.

Ticket price:

Adult: 10, 12, 15 t.r.

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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