Wine Dinner

19 Crimes wines are premium drinks from Australia created by Treasury Wine Estates. The name (translated from English — "19 crimes") is dedicated to a special law, which enshrines 19 particularly serious offenses, for which either executed or sent to penal servitude in Australia. At the end of the XVIII century, a ship with criminals sailed from England, and those who survived founded a country with a unique culture on the Green Continent. Each bottle has a number and a description of the crime to which the wine is dedicated. Therefore, the wines from 19 Crimes are remarkable not only for their taste, but also for the fascinating history to which their name refers.

You have the opportunity to try them at our dinner! Each course will be offered a special kind of wine:

1 course:

NV CREMANT Cuvee Julien-Dopff au Moulin (sparkling dry)

Root vegetable mousse with red caviar

2 course:

2018 19 CRIMES Chardonnay — Treasury Wine Estates (dry white)

Grilled scallop with celery root

3 course:

2018 19 CRIMES — Treasury Wine Estates (red semi-dry)

Tuna tartare in puff pastry chips

4 course:

2017 19 CRIMES Cabernet Sauvignon-Treasury Wine Estates (dry red)

Beef with cherry sauce

5 course:

JEREZ Solera — East India (white sweet)


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