SunDay Ginza

SunDay Ginza

Южная дорога, дом 4, Krestovskiy Ostrov
Flavour 8.5
Service 8.3
Atmospheres 9.0

Italian, Russian, Japanese, European, Caucasian, Uzbek

Price Range:

2000 ₽

The restaurant “SunDay Ginza” belongs to Ginza Project, is located on Krestovsky Island, which is popular for recreation in Spb(St. Petersburg).

The restaurant is designed in a special way to instill in visitors the sensations of joy and comfort. Soft sofas and a combination of pastel and bright colors in the interior is the best fit for this purpose.

The menu of the restaurant “SunDay” is also distinguished by its variegation, including dishes from the favorite tastes of European, Japanese, Russian and Georgian cuisines. California rolls and Beef Stroganoff with porcini mushrooms are one of those mouth-watering choices that are worth trying here.

From Thursday to Sunday, best DJs plays their unique compositions, live music performed by the most talented vocalists, as accompaniments to the gastronomic pleasures of the guests.
On Saturdays, “SunDay Ginza” works in disco mode, on these evenings, admission to the restaurant is carried out strictly according to face control. It is also important to book a table in time so that, when you get hungry in the middle of the night, do not stay on your feet without anything :(.

The restaurant SunDay Ginza is ideal for hanging out with friends or family. There is an ideally designed play zone here for kids, young visitors can have creative or sportive plays here. In addition, the restaurant usually arranges fascinating and memorable Master Classes. And for the big boys, SunDay Ginza will not allow you to miss the most important matches from different branches and broadcasting them on its large plasma screens.

In the summer, visitors can enjoy all kinds of entertainment, volleyball games, as well as the opportunity to sunbathe on sun loungers in the large open area of the SunDay restaurant. In the evenings, parties are organized here with performances from famous pop, rap stars, and famous club DJs.


Menu Restaurant SunDay Ginza

  • Dolma with lamb

    520 руб.
  • Smoked Salmon Salad

    760 руб.
  • Caesar with shrimp

    750 руб.
  • Assorted Georgian cheese

    640 руб.


Culinary Children's Master Class

Culinary Children's Master Class (500 ₽)

Every Sunday / 15:00
Culinary children's master class
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Krestovsky Never Sleeps

Krestovsky Never Sleeps

Every Friday, Saturday / 21:00 - 01:00 / Until 27.12.2020
Krestovsky never sleeps, which means that in our restaurant becomes really hot! Dj sets, live vocals and a spectacular show program!
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Dj Set

Dj Set

Every Thursday / 21:00 - 23:00 / Until 27.12.2020
Dj Set
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Promotions & Discount

50% off for Women Companies

50% off for Women Companies

Every Monday / 16:00 - 00:00 / Until 27.12.2020
On the main menu from 2 girls.
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Sushi Festival

Sushi Festival

Every Wednesday / 10:00 - 00:00 / Until 27.12.2020
Sushi festival, when ordering from the Japanese section, spin the wheel of fortune and win gifts from the restaurant or partners
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Dessert to all birthday people to choose from within a week

Dessert to all birthday people to choose from within a week

10:00 - 00:30 / Until 27.12.2020
Dessert to all birthday people to choose from within a week
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A gift for pregnant women

A gift for pregnant women

10:00 - 00:30 / Until 27.12.2020
A gift for pregnant women
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Reviews (4)

  • Alexandra Talanova
    Alexandra T.- 10 February 2020
    Flavour: 10.0 - Atmospheres: 10.0 - Service: 9.0
    Название говорит само за себя. Здесь всегда солнечно и тепло, а кухня согреет и порадует даже в самую холодную погоду. Проверено.
  • Constantin Schreiber
    Constantin S.- 22 January 2020
    Flavour: 7.0 - Atmospheres: 8.0 - Service: 8.0
    Ich kam am Oktober mit meiner Frau und meinen Kindern. Es war schade dass wir den Strand nicht geniessen konntet aber der Platz ist sehr familienfreundlich und das Menü ist nicht zu teuer.
  • Valera Karpin
    Valera K.- 17 October 2019
    Flavour: 8.0 - Atmospheres: 9.0 - Service: 8.0
    Try it in the summer, beach, party, good food, drinks. Good place to chill.
  • Анатолий Третьяков
    Анатолий Т.- 06 October 2019
    Flavour: 9.0 - Atmospheres: 9.0 - Service: 8.0
    Для меня пожалуй SunDay Ginza самое лучшее место для отдыха. Плюс в Гинзе всегда качественная кухня, в которой я уверен.

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