New Year's Eve in the style of "The Great Gatsby."

New Year's Eve in the style of "The Great Gatsby."

SunDay Ginza -

Tuesday / 22:00 / 31.12.2019
Южная дорога, дом 4, Krestovskiy Ostrov

Feel like the hero of a famous film: take you to the “golden coast” of Long Island, to the luxurious villa of Gatsby himself. Sparkling mountains, a quartet of live music, magicians and psychics, clockwork gymnasts and trumpeters are waiting for you, and of course you can’t do without paparazzi, Hollywood stars and performance shows.

Call your friends, choose your costume in the style of American chic “roaring twenties” and come to celebrate New Year in the restaurant Sunday Ginza!

Sir Gatsby and his assistants are already waiting for you at the best party of the year!

Cold appetizers in the table:
- Assorti European cheeses
- Cold cuts of boiled pork + beef tongue (with horseradish or mustard)
- Antipasti (cheese, parmesan, parma, salami, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, cashews, grissini sticks with parma)
- Fish platter (sturgeon, salmon, smoked halibut, butterfish)
- Potato crostini with black caviar
- Fruit rosette (pineapple, grape)
- Herring with potatoes
- Assorti canapes (2 with beef tartare on croutons, 2 with salmon tartare on rice chips, 4 canapes with tomatoes and mozzarella, 4 canapes with roast beef)
Salad to choose from:
- Olivie
- Herring under a Fur Coat
Cold appetizer:
- Octopus carpaccio with fennel, celery, and arugula
- Scallops in caviar sauce
- Duck leg of confit with potatoes sauce
- Salmon with vegetables and caviar sauce
- Cake
The drinks:
- Water San Benedetto 0.75
- Moet Chandon Brut Imperial 0.75
- Fruit drink and juice in an assortment 1 l.

Cost: 20, 25 thousand rubles.

This event has expired, please visit the restaurant page for current events.

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