Top 5 Restaurants To Eat In St Petersburg

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In addition to being the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg has amazing restaurants. After visiting some of the most beautiful historical sites and staying a little tired and hungry, you can find original restaurants and cafes at every step. Eat great food from various cuisines, experience the beauty of interiors and see the magnificent views from the terraces.

This article will focus on the most “delicious” restaurants where you can have real gastronomic flavor and have a nice time. We chose the Top 5 St. Petersburg restaurant for you. Here they are:

Sunday Ginza

Sunday Ginza Has a Special Beach and Open Area in Summer

Sunday Ginza, the pearl of Krestovsky Island, famous for its luxury venues, fascinates people with a view of the Gulf of Finland. Especially during the summer, you can play beach volleyball or socialize on the beach of the restaurant or lie down on the sun loungers and hammocks and enjoy the sun and the beach.

In the restaurant’s first-class kitchen, you will definitely find a taste for yourselves: From seafood to pizza, from sushi to salad, from steaks to sweets. Sunday Ginza is a great place where you can have a nice time with your loved ones. St. We recommend you to check out the activities before heading to this restaurant. You can usually see famous locals and the elite people inside. Famous musicians & DJs have concerts and live music at weekends. Sometimes Sunday Ginza’s events can be full up even before 10 days, all tables are kept, so you must make a reservation beforehand so that you don’t stay at the door when you go.

Average Price: 2000-3000₽

Address: Южная дорога, дом 4, Krestovskiy Ostrov

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Pryanosti & Radosti

Pryanosti & Radosti on Posadskaya

When you talk about Pryanosti & Radosti restaurants, the first thing it comes to mind is their delicious Georgian dishes. The chef of the restaurant, Izo, is very ambitious about making the best Georgian Hinkali and Khachapuri of the city, and also offers world cuisine. Pryanosti & Radosti restaurants, where you can eat nice meals with your family and friends, are very popular and they have 4 restaurants all around the city. While you’re eating your food, nanny waiters will take care of your children. There are games rooms specially designed for children, and there are also children’s menus.

In these restaurants, food masterclasses are frequently held. Live music is also accompanied on some special occasions. In business exits or at weekends, Pryanosti & Radosti restaurants always guarantee a nice meal and relaxation. Just decide which restaurant you want to go to and have fun. In Vasiliostrovki you can have fun with your children in the garden, spend a pleasant time with your family friends in Moskovskiy, make a pre-party in Belinskovo and taste the most beautiful cocktails, have fun in Posadskaya until the first light of the morning. It can be difficult to find a place in Pryanosti & Radosti restaurants, do not forget to make your reservation in front.

Pryanosti & Radosti on Vasilyevskiy

Average Price: 1300₽

Address: 6-я линия В.О., 13, Vasileostrovskaya

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Pryanosti & Radosti on Moskovskiy

Average Price: 1500₽

Address: Московский проспект, 191, Moskovskaya

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Pryanosti & Radosti‎ on Posadskaya

Average Price: 1350₽

Address: Malaya Posadskaya Ulitsa, 3, Gor’kovskaya

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Katyusha Restaurant’s Dance Shows

Do you want to feel like you’re in a Russian house and see the Russian culture more closely? In front of the famous Kazansky Cathedral, the Katyusha Restaurant is located on Nevski Street. Katyusha is close to most places you might want to visit in St. Petersburg. The authentic interior design of the restaurant will make you feel like a complete Russian with Russian cuisine and historic photos on the walls.

Every Friday and Saturday you can take part in the Dinner Show, where beautiful waitresses (Katyushas) are dressed in local dresses. You can try the famous Russian Astrakhan black caviar here or drink hot borscht. You can find a variety of Russian vodka and local liquors on the drinks menu.

Don’t forget to buy Matryoshka, Russian spoons or Balalaika as a memoir from Katyusha’s gift shop on your way back home. Katyusha is in the heart of the city and a favorite restaurant for tourists, so we advise you to book in advance not to wait.

Average Price: 1500₽

Address: Невский проспект, 22/24, Nevskiy Prospekt

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Ribeye Restaurant Has Amazing Steaks and Dance Shows

The Ribeye restaurant, as like its name, was founded to offer the city’s most delicious steaks. Behind the famous Kazanskiy cathedral, it is located very central of St Petersburg. The Ribeye restaurant offers many premium red meat options, as well as burgers, kebabs, sushi varieties and all plates. Of course, there will be a wide list of wine and drinks and the type of hookah.

The prices are a bit salty but it is worth it to experience this quality. While you are enjoying your meal, be prepared for the shows because you will have fun at Ribeye. Ribeye’s trained waiters sing and dance. The comfortable chairs, pleasant ambiance, shows, and distinguished guests make Ribeye one of St. Petersburg’s most preferred restaurants. In order not to miss the shows, book in advance and get information.

Average Price: 2500₽

Address: Казанская улица, 3а, Nevskiy Prospekt

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Meat Coin

Meat Coin has Amazing Dry Aged Beef and Delicious Turkish Desserts

Meat Coin is a restaurant on Rubinstein Street, one of St.Petersburg’s most famous streets. The chef of the restaurant in Istanbul previously worked with Nusr-et (Saltbae) and presented his culinary knowledge here. The flavor of the Meatcoin true Steakhouse and it is an ideal restaurant to have steak experience in St. Petersburg.

It is an ideal place for your daily conversations for your business and friend’s meals with its simple design. Order your meat, tell your drinks and finish with Turkish baklava. You can buy fresh meat products for your home from the restaurant’s butcher shop. The taste of the restaurant has become popular all over the city, and in some hours there may be clutter and queues.

Don’t forget to reserve your table at Meat Coin, which is frequented by the world of football and celebrities, the delicious kinds of beef are waiting for you.

Average Price: 2500₽

Address: Rubinstein Street, 4, Mayakovskaya

Restaurant Details

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