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Restaurant in the city

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от 2500 р.

"Tour of the restaurant -
this is a journey to ancient and great China,
the one who became the source of myths and legends. "

The restaurant's menu offers guests to try both traditional Chinese dishes and completely new and unusual dishes.

The basis of the dishes were several cuisines of China: Cantonese, Szechuan and northeastern.
The bar list consists of a selection of wines, including both European classics and a line of Russian wines, several traditional Chinese drinks, such as plum wine and Chinese vodka.

The huge area of ​​the restaurant allows you to hold a variety of events: from exhibitions of Chinese art to master classes, from live music to major concerts, from ballet to boxing tournaments and much more.

• Four tiers with a wide variety of areas

• Restaurant capacity 1200 people

• Banquet room, with a capacity of up to 250 people with its own stage and 2 projectors

• Imperial Hall, seating up to 50 people in traditional Chinese style

• Scene 15x7 meters
Professional lighting, sound.
LED screen 7x4

+7 931 965-05-95

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